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WPC/SPC Flooring
WPC/SPC Flooring
WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) & SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) are rigid core products that offer a wide range of visuals that mimic real harwood, while also providing durability and funcitionality. Water resistant, scratch resistant, and kid/pet friendly are just a few of the benefits these products offer. 
  1. Wide variety of looks - There are many color options to choose from when it comes to wpc/spc products. Trends are changing yearly, so it’s important to choose a product that will suit your wants and needs while also staying updated. From modern to traditional, you can count on these products to have almost any style you can ask for.

  2. Water-resistant & Scratch-resistant - WPC & SPC flooring comes with a built in core that offers stability to avoid moisture and expansion. Its protective wear-layer and top coating helps withstand heavy spills, scratches, or any other damage to the surface. Additionally, it comes with an attached padding that assists in reducing sound.

  3. Ease of Installation - With the lock and click profile these products offer, installation doesn’t take as long compared to products that are required to be glued down to the subfloor. This can be beneficial with customers working on a tight timeframe to get their home project completed.

Benefits of Vinyl
  • Available in a fabulous assortment of designs, colors, and textures, Vinyl flooring brings you exciting new styles that create beautiful rooms.

  • This type of floor is moisture resistant, impervious to most stains, and easy to clean.

  • Vinyl flooring doesn’t need to be waxed—its top layer is made to stay shiny.

  • Heavy traffic is no problem, because these floors not only handle lots of activity, they’re actually resistant to scratches.

  • Vinyl flooring is ... Vinyl. It’s flexible and comfortable underfoot, and there’s less breakage when items are dropped.

  • The price tag is usually a very pleasant surprise.

You can choose from several alternatives in look and construction. There’s direct-glue sheet flooring for durable performance and seamless appearance. Or you may prefer luxury vinyl tile or luxury vinyl planks in either direct-glue or floating constructions. Ask one of our sales staff to help you decide which of these options will best suit your space.

Technology improved look

Foster remembers an lvt in the 1970s and 1980s made to look like brick, with a herringbone pattern and grout lines. That product fell out of favor, along with similar faux looks.

But in recent years, rapidly advancing high-tech processes have transformed lvt and Vinyl sheet flooring into products that look like the real thing. such products are available in several price points, with the most expensive lines offering the most realistic look.

One significant change is that lvt and Vinyl sheet flooring no longer have to have the look of perfection that has long been the giveaway that the products were Vinyl. Higher-end lvt can effectively mimic distressed and antique floors, foster says. With products designed to look like wood, longer planks placed irregularly give a look of authenticity, he says.

These products are now found in upscale homes and commercial spaces, a far cry from Vinyl’s origin as a homey, economical option.

They’re still offering a look for less money than the real thing,” Foster says of the higher-end LVT products. “The price difference is enough of a difference to sway people’s minds. Plus it’s easy to clean and not easily damaged.”

Earth-friendly, family-friendly

Today’s consumers are increasingly interested in earth-friendly flooring. the new lvt and Vinyl sheet flooring products address these concerns by using virgin vinyl that doesn’t release harmful vocs and adhesives that don’t have fumes. some can be installed without any adhesive at all. Because the products are durable and have a timeless look, they’ll last for decades and not end up in a landfill as quickly.

Foster sees a bright future for lvt and Vinyl sheet flooring, buoyed by high-tech processes that enable the products to evolve and remain fashionable amid changing consumer tastes.

“Somebody doing fabulous interiors may want stone, marble, or wood, because not everybody is going to want a faux look,” he says. “But for most people, the LVT and vinyl sheet flooring products are going to offer the right look and appealing features for the money.”


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